Kids Try Spanish Food For The First Time

Our previous post presented the benefits of having regular family dinners together especially for young children-reducing stress, increasing communication, promoting healthy eating habits and building quality family time and togetherness. But regular family dinners may not always come easy – so keep trying. Make it fun. Introduce your picky kids to develop new taste in their food choices. Introduce your kids to foreign foods. There’s a whole world of culinary bliss to choose from.

Here’s one to try…

Paella, churros, patatas…why not get the kids to try Spanish food for the first time?

Select a few dishes that you know the kids may actually enjoy. Spanish paella is great introduction to seafood and geography no less. You also can’t go wrong with something sweet like churros con chocolate. Getting kids to try new foods isn’t all about developing their taste buds and willingness to try new things. It’s a great way to casually introduce them to a new language, other countries, its people and culture. After the paella meal, the kids and maybe even you would have learned something about Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia. So don’t forget to add some story or geography behind each dish.

Watch this fun video from Digg showing different reactions from kids trying their first taste of various Spanish dishes.


Making it even more fun and memorable

Bring it to the next level of fun. Make it a Spanish night for the whole family. Add some Spanish themed table decorations if you want - ranging from coasters to glassware, tablecloths to chair covers. Play a little Spanish music in the background. Encourage the kids to participate, give everyone a role from preparation to clean up.

Make the commitment. Make it fun. Make your family dinners become a family ritual everyone will always remember.